A sunny day at last! Walking in the local Hastings parks is a joy. This summer (2018) has been a great year for long walks in the country parks. Four dogs pictured here on a lunch time walk with space for off lead play.

Waiting for their walk best freinds.

Happy dogs. Dogs don't often sit still long enough for a decent picture but these guys have. The puppy on the right most picture is having one of his first walks.

A happy German Pointer at 4 years old he needs regular long walks. He doesn't mind the snow. Often he will stop and use his whole body to point in the direction where he's sensed something interesting.

Pomeranian sisters lively, bouncy and full of energy need a few good weekly walks where they can explore and chase each other around.

A few shots from local areas we go. Interesting walks keeps doggies happy and healthy. We like to find good, safe spaces for a dog to get a run or a quiet amble if that's more their style.

All photos with owner's permission.