Well May came and went but with some wonderful new walks discovered.  Must keep them a secret.

Had some great fun in May - I work with one dog that loves to run with any runners that are passing - often they have to stop while I retrieve him from their pack,  he is happy to trot along for as far as they go.

Have been getting ready for the hotter weather with Water dispensers and additional plans when it gets too hot!!

With the warmer weather there are a good deal of Ticks about so please check your doggy after a walk especially in the longer grass - if you dont know how to remove them then get help to do so.

Well there will be another update at the end of June but for now enjoy every walk and take in the wonderful countryside that we live in. 


Hi there - April has flashed past very quickly but has been a wonderful time for all the doggies.   We have had some beautiful weather and lovely walks in the fields and on the beaches, in and around, Hastings.

My days are filled with being greeted by a very loving Doberman who must kiss you on the nose and nibble your ears, to a doggy who loves to run with any human runners he sees, this can make interesting runs for me and the running club members - but they all love him.

As we approach May some of the main thing to think about are making sure your doggy is not going to get too hot, never leave them in a vehicle alone and also make sure that the room/place in your home is not bathed in sunlight all day without proper ventilation.   It gets hot very quickly.

I will do another update for May but until then - have wonderful walks, stay aware and remember its you that make the walk for your dog, stay safe.


28/11/2016   ActiveTails is back online

After a small problem with our web host the ActiveTails web site is back again.